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Entrepreneurs & Startup, how to use marketing to grow stratup companies!

Tailored marketing for startups needs a strategic marketing consultant and clear ideas. The term “growth haking” was coined to differentiate traditional marketing, which involves established companies, from the specific one for startups, whose goal is to strengthen and conquer the market.

What are the characteristics of this marketing shaped by new companies?

Meanwhile, a creativity that not only targets differentiation on the market but invents new methods of promotion because it is unthinkable to bear the costs of a traditional business visibility strategy or a usual distribution-marketing. There will, therefore, be a privileged use of social networks and the web. Thanks to our marketing consultancy for startup, we will build together a self-powered marketing machine that will gradually shape the company’s growth.

Then there is the need for financial support and here is venture capital or access to bank credit and European funding. Both conditions facilitate the meeting between the two subjects and this explains the boom in investments in startups.

What is Growth Hacking?

Nothing but a process that allows rapid experimentation, through marketing channels, with the aim of discovering the most effective strategies to grow a business. Growth Hacking is a set of skills that must be continuously developed over time.

Zeta Key Marketing team can show you the direction, helping you identify a method and provide you with a range of ideas, tips, and practical approaches.

Marketing is a crucial factor for a startup to take off. If you are looking for useful information to set up a marketing plan for startups, here you can find the ideas and the qualified staff to put into practice an effective promotion strategy. Giving space to creativity we can discover how a tight budget is not necessarily a limit.


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