Web Advertising

Creating an effective web advertising campaign requires following rules and strategies which respect the algorithms of the chosen platforms.

Moving in the jungle of the net is not easy, especially when we desire to make our company competitive. Owning the right tools and knowing the most important aspects of a web advertising campaign, however, can really make a difference!
Before delving into the technical aspects of the question, it is good to clarify some basic concepts and understand, for example, what is web advertising.

What is web advertising?

With the term web advertising, it is meant online advertising through exclusive web tools such as banner ads, social media, email, social news sites, viral videos etc. As in traditional advertising, online advertising also has the objective of influencing the behaviour of the recipient and directing his consumption needs, and, in addition, aims to improve the visibility of your site compared to competitor sites, maximizing performances while minimizing costs.

How to create a web advertising campaign?

A web advertising campaign is nothing more than the planning of advertising on a website, a business activity, a service, or a brand on the web. A web advertising campaign needs, as a consequence, the use of tools offered by the web in a strategic and planned way.

The results will be obtained by creating synergies between the following tools:

  • Banner ads
  • Adverts on Facebook and other social networks
  • Optimization of websites on search engines (SEO)
  • Managing paid ads on search engines (Sem)
  • Marketing on mobile platforms
  • Article Marketing
  • Email marketing (DEM)
  • Mobile Marketing (sending text messages from the internet)

How to maximise your Return On Investment?

To get winning results, advertising on internet is not enough, because to create an effective web advertising campaign it is necessary to choose the right type of promotion and strategy in the right channels. To implement an effective web advertising campaign there are five points which are to be followed zealously:

1. Define the budget: based on the budget, is possible to understand on which channels to invest.
2. Define the target: is important to understand our target audience. Age, gender and interests are crucial pieces of information to understand how to intercept our potential customers.
3. Select advertising channels: depending on the budget and target we can decide where to promote our services/products.
4. Set up the advertising campaign with the help of an agency: the cost of an expert agency is largely compensated by the results you get with professional campaigns rather than campaigns made without experience and without a strategy.
5. Monitor and analyze the results: the advantage of online advertising campaigning is that it allows us to analyze in detail the number of sales (also called “conversions”) or requests for estimates obtained from the various advertising channels. Based on these analyzes, it will then be possible to change our strategy and budget allocation.

Why is it important to set up your web advertising campaign well?

It is also important to decide at which stage of the purchase process (“sales funnel”) intercept our users: if we want to intercept them when they have already decided to purchase the service/product we offer then we will have to focus on an advertising campaign on Google ( so as to intercept the so-called “conscious question”); if instead we want to suggest the same purchase to people who are potentially interested but who have not yet expressed their interest then it will be better to focus on advertising on social networks (so as to intercept the so-called “latent question”).

In the multitude of companies and services that the web offers, differentiate itself and be easily found by its users is a top priority for those who want to ensure longevity to their business. Creating an effective web advertising campaign, in this sense, is useful not to waste energy and time and to save on advertising costs.

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