Lead Generation Strategy

Leads Generation Strategy: the secret weapon for your marketing!

Leads Generation, the secret-most powerful marketing tool of today. Nowadays, all kinds of business ventures, small and large companies, entrepreneurs and freelancers, understand the importance of an online presence. Having a website, being present on multiple communication channels such as social media and blogs, as well as positioning your business on search engines is now crucial to be found by potential and returning clients.

A company website is not enough to succeed online …

The biggest need of a company is finding new customers. In today’s world, attracting the attention of users who navigate among the many opportunities aninformationns the web offers has become increasingly difficult.

The main objective of a company has become, therefore, to transform the users into real contacts and convert them into potential customers.

The use of leads generation leverages on the users themselves, who express their interest in products and services offered and attempt to get in touch with the company, leaving their data in order to be contacted or to obtain benefits and specific communications in return.

To generate new contacts, multiple marketing strategies can be used, necessary to attract the user’s attention and generate leads.

Why is Lead Generation Strategy is important as a Marketing Tool?

The Generation of Leads offers a company the possibility of acquiring targeted contacts with a high percentage of conversion. Not all users, but potential customers who will, most likely, proceed to purchase the company’s products or services.

The use Lead Generation marketing actions is a winning strategy for consumers and companies: the consumer requests and obtains the information/services desired, while the company communicates directly with its target audience.

The ultimate goal of the Lead Generation Strategy, however, is not be understood as the immediate sale: the purchase process has now evolved, as users are more and more used to receive information and find themselves overwhelmed by promotions and sales requests. Marketing strategies must adapt to the evolution of times, aiming to obtain contacts and build lasting relationships with potential customers.

Creating a solid Lead Generation strategy is important to build a trusting relationship with the users, capturing their interest before contacting them.

Here are some useful methods to generate successful leads:

  • Production of qualified content
  • Use of Social Media and blogs
  • Email Marketing and Direct Mail
  • Paid advertising
  • Events

These methods are used to generate leads indirectly. They are used to bring traffic to your website or to the main point of contact to grow your subscribers base.

Why should a person register on your page and leave their data? What is the tool that convinces him/her to register?

In this phase of the Lead Generation campaign, the tool used is namely called Lead Magnet. The Lead Magnet serves to attract visitors to your website or page and turn them in Lead. As a consequence, visitors leave their data within the form because they know they can receive benefits or find solutions to their problems.


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