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Email marketing

Email marketing is probably one of the most effective tools in terms of enhancing your business. Promoting products and services or providing information on your business through e-mail, with an appropriate newsletter service, is just the last step in the e-mail marketing process, which is fundamental in terms of personal or business communication. Email marketing continues to be a powerful tool to generate profits on the web and sell its products or services.

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing, based on content creation, is the best strategy for Digital Marketing! Content such as articles, posts on social media, videos, podcast, webinar, graphics, infographics, etc., are the most effective activity to reach your customers. In fact, there are companies that prefer only one communication channel or just one type of content, while there are others that invest in content marketing in all its forms. As a web marketing strategy, it can be placed in the medium to long-term, because this investment can guarantee great returns over time but rarely leads to "flash" results.

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Create your contact list with the Newsletter. "Subscribe to our newsletter!" Maybe sufficient, but it would certainly be more effective if this invitation was made more "tempting" by offering a benefit to those who decide to register (a discount, a gift card, free resources such as manuals or ebooks...).  The newsletter has always been there and always will be there. Especially when you want to communicate with a wide audience through the privacy of the email box.

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Among the various direct marketing tools available to companies to carry out an effective business strategy, we find (alongside email marketing and lead generation) telemarketing. Telemarketing is the most effective channel for the sale of some products/services that require a more structured and interactive sales activity. Telemarketing is a suitable activity for lead nurturing/sales, using the contacts reached with email marketing by sending DEM tries to bring the various prospects to a landing page where it is possible to register. Alternatively, it is possible to rent specific databases for this need, in this case, ask us!

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Email Marketing or DEM

Email marketing is an extraordinary tool for generating income with your online business. Just a couple of data are enough to immediately realize with the newsletters you can get extraordinary results.

Email marketing is 40 times more effective than social networks to get new customers and offers a 17% higher conversion rate (Data: McKinsey). 

The newsletter has an estimated ROI of 4,300 percent. Every euro spent on email marketing offers a return of 44 euros (Data: Direct Marketing Association).

However, distrust of e-mails is not without foundation. We receive hundreds of emails every day, so to ensure the success of our DEM campaign - Direct Email Marketing - you must follow a carefully studied strategy. A successful email marketing campaign must emerge in the sea of ​​digital junk that invades users' emails every day. Creating an email marketing campaign is easy for anyone, but creating an effective and original strategy is professional work.
The final aim is to generate profits, and to achieve it all parameters must be evaluated as tools, technologies, market demand and competition.
We must design, create, measure and optimize. "Control" is the key to success. Creativity is a fundamental weapon. Ask our team for a complete analysis to develop an intelligent DEM strategy for your business!


Performance marketing

Performance marketing or results marketing are terms that identify those digital actions and strategies that aim at concrete results and are optimized based on these elements
In Antevenio we have developed a working system to manage performance marketing campaigns in which we use all those formats that the Internet offers us to find the target of people interested in one or more specific products or services. We optimize the campaign by focusing on the objectives set; whether they are SEM, Social Media, Affiliation, Email Marketing, APP, Content Marketing or any other live model in the digital environment.
Among our usual channels there are:
Email Marketing: We have over 10 million users in our databases.
Google SEM Performance: We have teams that specialize in managing performance campaigns within the Google "marketplace" and its context.
Lead Generation: A specialized team of professionals together with our Performance Marketing oriented technologies make us the perfect partner for managing lead capture campaigns.
Social advertising/shopping on Facebook: Social networks and in particular Facebook have become a perfect channel for developing marketing performance strategies. We are experts in managing these platforms and optimizing them for performance.