Generating new useful business

Generating new useful business

Find new solutions to grow your business, this is the goal. The challenge? What to do and how to do this? Define strategies, tools, and strategies to sell using digital channels.


Why digital business development and not just business development? Most of the buying journey takes place online. Digital has introduced a number of opportunities and complexities to the role. New tools, new information, new ways of interacting.

From our experience we have identified two basic scenarios:

  • companies that have in-house resources and are looking for temporary support to improve their digital sales model
    companies that have limited or absent in-house resources and who want to outsource part of their digital sales processes

In all these cases ZKM is the ideal action partner.

  • Does the company need leads? ZKM designs and implements lead generation processes.
  • Does the company need strategic support because then the operations are managed internally? ZKM analyzes the sales system, outlines areas for improvement, and identifies the best tools.
  • Does the company need specific support for soft or hard skills? In harmony, training, or even temporary replacement? ZKM works with your employees and shares knowledge and best practices within the digital sales processes.
  • Does the company first want to experiment with the new approach by totally delegating the business? ZKM takes charge of digital business development externally.
  • The company has other digital needs. Let’s talk about it.

In any case, the company maintains complete control of the sales process.

Why ZKM? We achieve results.

Strategy without action is wasteful, action without strategy is inefficient. Strategies, contents, tools, processes and results.

Let’s talk about!



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