Company – Product Relaunch


Millions of dollars are spent each year to develop and launch new products, but in reality, only 10% are successful. Based on the tracking of 600 products launched and the testing of 20,000 concepts, Nielsen has pulled out a 12-point process with specific recommendations on what companies should change before launching a new product to increase their chances of success.

Distinct Proposition

Your product must offer a concrete innovation; it must be something that people really want. What is its value? The first step is to evaluate if the product occupies a niche.

Attention Catching

No matter how innovative and effective the product is, it needs to get attention to be sold. Companies must focus on interest and recognition.

Messagge Connection

When the consumer is in front of a shelf to decide what to buy, the product must be recognizable. Make sure that the packaging and the label are a sort of "identity card", so that the consumer clearly understands what the product does.nt.

Clear Concise Message

People do not want to spend too much time reading the label of your product; we need to create and spread a message that is short, effective and direct to the point.


Especially during a recession phase, when people tighten their belts, it is extremely important for the product to satisfy a need. Convenience and ease of use are some of the most important attributes to be successful.


Explain why your product will continue to stand out. In a store where a consumer has many choices, the benefits must be as clear and inviting as possible.


Packaging, advertising and coupons can virtually say anything, but the consumer must believe in what he reads and the product must deserve his money. Where does your credibility come from? Do you trust your brand? Do consumers in your niche want to trust a new brand?

Acceptable Downsides

Each product has its drawbacks. Identify them, and be sure to have them present before the consumer tells you, and do not impede the success of the product.


The product may be the most innovative in the world, but as long as the consumer does not see it, he will never know it. How visible is the product? What is your audience and what is the best way to get your product noticed?

Acceptable Costs

Similar to the acceptable disadvantages, the consumer must feel comfortable with the purchase price and with the use of the product. The cost in this case can include both the retail price and the most hidden features, something that can only be found after searching for it.

Product Delivery

After the consumer has been exposed to the advertising campaign and the message and trusted, the product must keep its promises. Companies need time to make the product achieve the promised results in advertising.

Product Loyalty

Many companies may have a "one-hit-wonder", that is, a single highly successful product, but to sustain success over a long period of time, they must establish trust and loyalty. Just as the product has kept its promises at the beginning, satisfaction will allow you to be competitive. Creating a reliable product over time will ensure that the new brand name becomes truly familiar.


Companies and entrepreneurs must understand that all 12 steps are equally important for the chances of a successful launch. An old saying says that you can only be as strong as your own weaknesses, so even a single risk area of the launch process can lower the value of the product. The process identifies, measures and predicts success through 5 phases: Relevance, Communication, Attractiveness, Point of Purchase and Resistance. That strategy can be implemented, developed and monitored by professionals such as customer success and account management.


Activate a partnership with Zeta Key Marketing right away and ask for a Customer Success Manager who knows your environment and helps you achieve your business goals:


It is essential that the people responsible for doing Customer Success are properly prepared, they know precisely the products and services of your company but above all they have clear that what they are doing is not simple customer management but a real support and partnership path success of your customers: the better they will be in this and the greater the chances of being able to retain their contacts in a strong and lasting way. These are the professional figures who work together to create the SUCCESS TEAM:


The activity of a good CSM is the collection and analysis of the information generated by the people followed and this leads to one thing: a large amount of data! And what better tool than a CRM to handle all this? The important thing is that the chosen platform provides clear and easily consultable reports and that allows the user to insert notes and descriptions as customizable as possible. In this way, it is possible to keep track of all the activities carried out with each customer and monitor the effectiveness of our activity.


  The Software Design, Implementation, Configuration and Maintenance department must work closely with all other departments. A team of high professionalism, competence, and experience that follows its customers from the analysis of the requirements of the application. It is essential to check in detail what the user wants from the application, what results he would like to get from using it and what characteristics and qualities he expects to find once the application is complete. 


Customer Relationship Management and Sales Force these are marketing and sales activities. The best solution is the use of a CRM with software and marketing tools that allow the use of all data related to potential customers and customers to create market segments. The lists of contacts or customers acquired will be organized for customized marketing campaigns dedicated to a specific sales target. The identified marketing strategies are continuously validated with tests and reports to optimize results.


Business Developer does not always have only one specific service / product to offer and in fact, he does not sell, offers solutions. Just the features required by job description, make Business Development activities very popular but also difficult to find on the market. In fact, the required skills are often linked to certain sectors such as marketing, economics and communication sciences.


In any web marketing project, the first step is to get maximum visibility to your site in relation to a specific market target (potential customers). Consistently with the goal, the main components that characterize web marketing today are search engine optimization (SEO), the optimization of presence on social networks, the creation of special online advertising campaigns (banner , affiliations, pay per click).