Distinction between various digital professions

Distinction between various digital professions

The distinction between various digital professions can be confusional, for this, ZKM team explain some of those.

That of digital professions becomes a delicate and constantly evolving field. Therefore, the need arises to have figures in their own different and increasingly specialized team. Let’s clarify what digital professions are.

Web Editor

It would be more appropriate to define it, Web Content Editor, as it is the one who is responsible for creating content for the web. In short, the web editor is an editor who “moves” the contents of the card to the web.

They fall into the category Blogger, Content Editor, Corporate Storyteller, considering however that these professions, in turn, are different from each other.

Content Curator

It is the figure that creates the common thread among the existing contents. It is defined as an aggregator of content, as it searches and traces the best external sources on the web in a short time. It does not copy and paste, but mixes contents, creating new ones.

Digital PR

Promotes activities, services, brands to a group of people or individuals. The main attitude is networking online, even with a simple smartphone.

Seo Specialist

That is who deals with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The main task is to optimize the pages of websites to increase their visibility.

Web Analyst

Manages and analyzes all the activities that revolve around a specific web channel (social, website …). Collects data and information; therefore works from the quantitative point of view, contrary to the

Reputation Manager

Collects qualitative information about a specific product/ brand/service. Study how and in what way the subject of the analysis is discussed on the web (not as it is discussed).

Community Manager

Not to be confused with the Social Manager who is only a part of the Community Manager. The role is clear from the word: the CMs manage the virtual communities and coordinate the contents and the profiles of the various activities. They create buzz and interaction.

Social Media Manager

Contains every aspect of the various profiles. You can not create content, collect and sift sources, write SEO and do not define an SMM.


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