Digital PR & Social Marketing

In marketing, there is news every day, products, terms, acronyms. With the 2.0 era, marketing has experimented and tried out various solutions and new ways to relate to the market.


Initially, we tended to use the term Social Marketing declining marketing “in toto” on the paradigm of the Internet, then it was mainly limited to the area of Social Media. The interaction with that kind of “virtual square” in which more and more people come together to share ideas, contents, opinions and information about their purchases – both online and offline.

Digital Marketing is not the same thing with Social Marketing

Therefore, the term Social Marketing generally refers to a new way of reaching consumers, based on the communication and interactive possibilities of the network. Often the terms Social Marketing and Digital Marketing are used as synonyms, which can lead to confusion.

Digital Marketing applies information technology in an integrated way to all aspects of marketing communication. Instead, Social Marketing deals above all with getting in touch with the public through the web, both to communicate the corporate messageto understand tastes, behaviors, and opinions of consumers.

Briefly, we could say that Marketing Automation is an even bigger whole, which contains within it the Digital Marketing. While the latter includes as a subset the Social Marketing.

In fact, Marketing Automation is part of Inbound Marketing and has important links also with business processes, sales forces, CRM system, management and “cultivation” of leads, etc.

But what is a Digital PR

Public relations PR as a set of strategic processes that build relationships, relationships, between organizations and their target audience.   It promotes ideas and activities of public and private bodies, companies, associations, political groups, and even individuals, taking care of the identity and increasing the perception of a better image.

Public relations are based on an intrinsic collaboration between company and client. Public relations are based on an intrinsic collaboration between company and client. This relationship goes on a network of common circumstances and dependencies that lead over time to greater knowledge and mutual influence. When we speak of “persuasion” through public relations and through advertising, we speak about public relations and Digital PR.

While in advertising the primary purpose is to influence the purchase decision, by selling unilaterally, with the PR the speech is in a different direction because one sells to one another. The intent is in fact to change the attitudes, opinions, and behaviors of the message recipient. Only in this way, the PR will not be a monologue, but a fluid dialogue, a free exchange of opinions.

So, as you can guess, these are professional communication and marketing activities that are useful to all business sectors, so also for yours.

What can Digital PR do for your business?

With the advent of digital media, especially those of sharing, the type of audience with which a communicator is related has widened. If it is true that the way of interacting has changed, it is equally true that the 2.0 society is hinged by new actors, new influential subjects. A cause that leads to an unprecedented development of PR, starting from intermediaries such as bloggers, social influencers, and ambassadors.

However, if digital public relations are these, then the profession of the PR has not changed much and its paradigm remains the same. It has prevalent relationships with an audience of professionals, to whom it refers the mediation with the public of customers, users finals.

But Digital PR can and must do more. Can adapt to change in a society that changes constantly, where today everything is more democratic, tap into direct communication with purchasing decision maker. Interacting in a genuine way, being able to listen and be heard, share and tell, all on par.

Choose a professional digital communication

The commitment of a professional in the sector is thus to provide a toolbox in which to find the best tool to make companies dialogue, both with digital influencers and with people:

  • skills in drafting and identifying verbal, written and graphical contents;
  • ability in interpersonal relationships (management of relationships, attitude to negotiation, the ability to make decisions);
  • media knowledge (journalists and bloggers) and social influencers;
  • ability to conceive and organize events (online and offline);
  • digital technical skills (social media management, web designing, SEO, digital adv, etc.).

Digital PR can intervene in different fields, in different activities in the communication and marketing sector. Sometimes, in advanced SMEs, those who have not been afraid to innovate become the same property or general management.

There is no doubt that the use of these skills is growing rapidly, because, in order to keep up with the times and be competitive in this world 3.0. iI is necessary to become an expert who combines managerial, communication, marketing, and commercial skills. and techniques in one.

Digital projects for the growth and development of your business

Digital projects are constantly growing and developing, although they are not yet an integral part of many companies. It is thus possible that the Digital PR is found to cover tasks that are less relevant to their field of study and work. This tasks should be entrusted to specific figures such as copywriters, graphic designers, SEO, e-mail marketers, etc.

We must, however, take into account that possessing a vast digital culture helps to create centered individuals and gives qualitative aspects, today very sought after. And for this is always better to have a cultural knowledge, albeit minimal and superficial, compared to a wealth of in-depth, but restricted and analytical notions.

However, keep in mind that the first aspect that a Digital PR must be able to take care of is not so much the relationship, but the content. This must be realized directly, or indirectly with its supervision before being published.

The relational aspect of digital communication

Certainly, the relational aspects are important, basic, but if a good speaker does not know what to say. Then the ability to weave relationships becomes almost null so that if you do not know what to say is better to keep quiet.

It is therefore important to understand that if you are not able to describe well the qualities of a product, as well as those of a company or a manager, the related strategic communication plan will be ineffective.

A final fundamental aspect is to give importance to interactions, which is the true end of the users because those who subscribe to social media want to “socialize”. Have to become a member of a community of individuals, dialogue, build relationships with their neighbors, relate with people.

So producing material, sharing it, but not interacting would cancel our work. It would be like not doing anything because, in digital PR, the most important element is the relationship with people.

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