Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs

In order to survive the entrepreneurs need to understand any tool of Digital Marketing. The way in which Digital Marketing can be useful for the company’s growth and the best timing to start every Digital Marketing activity.


This is why ZKM provides introductory courses in the world of digital marketing for entrepreneurs, the person in charge of marketing, sales manager, project manager. We’ll talk about how digital has transformed countless sectors, revolutionizing traditional marketing activities.

The Companies are increasingly oriented to review their marketing plans by adapting their languages, strategies, platforms, tools, and channels. The module is aimed at entrepreneurs and business managers and is structured for 4 main topics:

  • Digital Strategy;
  • Digital Marketing: from user visits to conversions and sales;
  • SEO & SEM
  • Social Media and SMM to support the growth of the company.

Web marketing strategies for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are the main customers of web marketing agencies, but how to choose the right partner? The web marketing expert must be able to develop a series of online marketing strategies prior to obtaining business success in terms of brand awareness, brand reputation, and sales. But how to prepare to choose the expert for your company?


Plan an online advertising communication strategy

Web marketing requires in-depth knowledge of social media marketing techniques, positioning on Google, content marketing, email marketing and above all the dynamics of online advertising. If you are ready to start a business or you are about to launch a new product on the market, you will find in this guide some useful tips to create a successful web marketing strategy.


Discover how the world of the web works in order to choose the best strategy for your company.


ZKM the best partner for your business

Our aim is to share with the participants the first tools and methods of web marketing to be applied immediately to their business realities. A first guide on how to design digital marketing campaigns and track processes.

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